Personal Project—Image Design in Progress

Personal Project—Image Design

My personal project in progress to explore, experiment and push boundaries in image design.

Project: Image Design

Role: Concept, Creative Direction, Photography, Visual Design, Image Editing and Retouching

Project Start: March 2014


Within my personal project in progress I experiment and push boundaries in order to practice and excel my skills in art direction, photography, image editing and retouching.

Mostly using Adobe Photoshop I experiment with different techniques to achieve and refine my distinct style. I mostly explore and draw my inspiration from the avant-garde, cyberculture and cyberpunk.

Displayed below are my personal favourites; but check out my Instagram feed for all images, too!

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In October 2014 I was contacted by the very talented visual artist from Mexico—Engelstaub—through Instagram.

Fascinated by my work she sent me some of her original images and asked me to edit them with my style.

Engelstaub on Instagram