Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the Swiss Code of obligations and to the best of my knowledge and ability, I will deliver you a high quality product with a fair price-performance ratio on time. I place great value on fair and open cooperation.

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1 Validity

With your order placement, you acknowledge my terms and conditions which are an integral part of any and all orders. Deviating from these terms must be arranged in written form.

2 Duty of Loyalty

I commit myself to execute your requested order accurately and responsibly. Furthermore, I commit myself to you in this enterprise to achieve the defined agreed upon goals.

3 Business Confidentiality

Your project-related information and work documents will be/are handled confidentially and held safe from access by third parties on my behalf.

4 Duty to Cooperate

You will assist me with any necessary details that will help in the completion of your order.

You are responsible for all essential instructions, data, and documents for the execution of the order be delivered to me on time, complete and free of charge.

Any additional expenses based on non-fulfilment of the duty to cooperate will be paid by you.

5 Warranty

You own the copyrights and/or other rights of third parties for all work material provided to me on behalf of you or your company. You are responsible for the necessary usage permits.

I cannot be held liable for any violation of these rights.

6 Third-Party Services

To fulfill your order for specific services, I will collaborate with selected specialists.

7 Copyrights

The copyrights of all works created by me belong to and remain with me. You are not allowed to alter any of my works without my permission.

I have the right to label my copyright on my works.

8 Rights of Usage

Once the fully agreed upon payment has been received, you will obtain the rights of usage of the end product according to the order. Pending outstanding payment, the rights of usage remain with me.

The rights of usage of the product are liable within the scope of the contracted duration, purpose and range, and may not be relinquished to third parties.

9 Print Approval / Execution Approval

The “Print Approval” for printed products or the “Execution Approval” for digital products serves as a final check of the content and design of your order before production. It must be checked very carefully by you. Any inconsistencies must be communicated to me.
If there are no corrections necessary on your behalf you will send me the print approval or the execution approval in written form.

I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes which have not been communicated to me in writing on behalf of you or your company.

10 Author Corrections

Subsequent order changes on behalf of you or your company, extraordinary additional services, or delivered data not in accordance with the original offer are “Author Corrections”.

This additional work will be paid by you using the necessary hourly rate.

11 Self-Promotion and Proof of Performance

Basically, I own the right to use and publish images of works or productions which I have created or produced in the scope of your order for self-promotion and proof of performance in printed or electronic form.

12 Data and Records

I will store all of the material from your order at my place of business for ten (10) years. The deletion of your data and the disposal of your records at an earlier date will take place only after consultation with you.

13 Remuneration

I will invoice you for services rendered on the basis of the accepted offer. Large-scale projects are invoiced in advance according to the offer.

If no offer exists, I will invoice you the necessary hourly rate.

14 Order Reductions or Cancellations

If an order is reduced or cancelled, I’m entitled to receive half (50%) of the offered costs.

If the order is fully executed, I’m entitled to receive the fully previously agreed upon payment (100%), including services and expenses of third parties.

15 Deficiencies

The end product must be checked for deficiencies immediately upon delivery. Any complaints must be filed to me in written form within three (3) business days.

If deficiencies are repaired by a third party on your behalf despite my willingness to rework, the costs must be paid by you. I bear no responsibility for these costs.

16 Law and Jurisdiction

The relationship between you and me are governed by Swiss law.
The place of jurisdiction is the domicile of the sole proprietor of the sole proprietorship.

October 2018

Download Terms and Conditions (PDF): English | German